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Noise rock is a genre of indie rock and punk rock oriented art music that is characterised by the English name: noise noisemeans. It is a style in which music download difficult for laymen is sinned against all the rules that usually apply in pop music. The origin lies in the punk and the modern classic flow noise. Many sounds of non-musical sources are used in noise music,soundscapes, see also, or are made with a extended technique if, for example, circuit bendingprepared guitar and 3rd bridge guitar. Also used scordaturais extensively; alternative guitar tunings.


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The pioneers and the emergence[Edit][]


See Noise (music) for the main article on this topic.

Arising out of The Art of Noise, a manifesto from 1913 by Luigi Russolo and his intonorumoriinstruments, was born the noise music. In the years following showed that Russolo's vision and sound art had a pioneering role and got caught. Composers such as Pierre SchaefferEdgar VareseStockhausen and John Cage were increasingly concerned with noise as an ingredient in their music. In the 1960s were features of this modern classic flow mixed with rock music and created the first experimental rock music. The first plates that contain his experimental rock music that White Light/White Heat by the Velvet Underground and Metal Machine Music by Lou Reed. Also the German Krautrock-band Les Rallizes Denudes Faustand from Japan started early with noise.

Many early noise-artists down against the Industrial , such as the pioneers Throbbing Gristle and Einstürzende Neubauten, which in the mid-70 's active stood up.

No Wave[Edit][]


No wave , see main article.

No wave was a short-lived but highly influential variant of art punk at the end of the 70 's and early 80 's. The main no wave artists came from the Lower East Side in New York. The termno wave has two meanings: first, it refers to the experimentaliteit of the genre (no wave belonged to no other style), on the other hand, it is a play on words with which the commercialism of the popular new wave genre was rejected. Well-known names from the No Wave scene are Glenn BrancaRhys Chatham , Lydia Lunchand James Chance. While not native to New York at the same time, there were also other artists who made similar anti-music, as for example Half JapaneseThis Heat and The Birthday Party.

One of the ' godfathers ' of the Japanese noise is Merzbow. The artists from Japan were less rockgeoriënteerd than the American artists and one that speak of when it comes to this kind of Japanoise artists.

A well-known band that plays rock is affected by Sonic Youthnoise. They would make the genre eventually large and even mainstream channels like MTV reach with their radical music.Sonic Youth-the aesthetics of the No wave flow mixed with rock music, this indie rock. Other American noisebands from the 80 's are Big BlackSwansHalf japanesePussy Galore,FlipperBlack FlagMinutemenButthole SurfersBoss HogBong waterPavement (debut), Blonde RedheadYo La TengoDinosaur Jr.GumballThe Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

In Europe started in the late 70 's The ExThe FallWorld Domination enterprisesThe Birthday Party This HeatScritti Polittithe Pop GroupSwell Maps, in the late 1980s, Diamanda Galás, and My Bloody Valentine and Boredoms in Japan.

Was formed in the mid-1980s with The Jesus and Mary Chain the shoegaze, rock with strong new waveelements with a fuzzpedal.

From the early 90 's Seattle Grunge was formed from the noise rock of the MelvinsMudhoneyDinosaur Jr., with the best known band Nirvana and the feminist Riot Grrrlband HoleBabes in ToylandL7Sleater KinneyFree KittenBikini KillHuggy BearBrat mobile and Le Tigre.

In the late 1980s came the lo-fi , where noise home recordings on lp and cd appeared. The wonky sound recording was not so much awkwardness, but the noise was also used to provide the songs of atmosphere. Artists: Guided by VoicesSebadohSilverjewsSmogDaniel Johnston and John Frusciante's solo debut.

The last plate of Nirvana, In Utero was recorded by Steve Albini, who is also in the noise/math rockband Shellac plays and sings. Math rock is a form of noise rock that mainly features in complex angular rhythm-structures that often change during the songs. In addition, many use illogicalprogressionsagreement. Other math rock which also noise is: Jesus LizardDon Caballero and noise bands of the time: UnwoundFugaziDrive like Jehu and Polvo.

Around the turn of the century: Les Savy FavIkara ColtMcLuskyThe LapseThe Van PeltBrainiacEnon and Tithonus

Harsh Noise[Edit][]

A combination of ultrafast punk and metal with experimental rock music is harsh noise. Bands: Melt Banana from Japan, Lightning BoltPink & BrownThe Locust. After 2000: AIDS WolfBlack DiceJapanther,Pterodactyl.

In addition to the above harsh noise you see also a stand up after 2000 information which often polyrhythmic rhythms handle and/or access the raw garage rock of the Stooges. The bands come in mainly from LA and New York, with respectively The Smell in LA and in New York the promoter Todd P and the Death By Audio concert hall an important promotional role. Also from other cities, some bands. In NYC: Be Your Own PetBattlesThen Deaconthe Death SetA Place To Bury StrangersOneidaParts and LaborFuck ButtonsIndian JewelryNeptuneMahjongThese Are PowersPterodactylAwesome ColorMagik Markers,Mind FlayerMatt and KimJapantherEx ModelsCave and Hella. In L.A.: LiarsNo AgeAbe VigodaFoot Village and HealthPREMale BondingAction Beat and Shit and Shine, from London, The Intelligence, from Seattle, Baltimore and Ponytail out of Galgary, Women from Canada.

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