Artist: Doug Cullen

Date Released: 2003

Label: Human Potential

Produced By:


  1. The People
  2. Born or Waiting
  3. It Was You
  4. The House
  5. Division
  6. Dissonance
  7. Know the Radiance
  8. Song for Jon
  9. Answering
  10. Dancing


Based out of the city of rampant singers and songwriters, New York, NY, Doug Cullen brings a bit of a different edge to the already vast genre. Under Cullen’s yearning vocals, he wrote, recorded and produced an eclectic blend of mellow electronica and slightly creepy, minimalist folk. Obviously a talented musician, since he played guitar, piano, flute, melodica, banjo, cello, accordion and a few other various instruments on this album alone, Cullen has also mastered the art of the drum machine. This is not the pop-electronica you have come to know from bands like The Postal Service or The Go Find though, it is a lot closer to the likes of Adem or Four Tet in being left of center and not simple sugar-water for your ears. Or in other words, there is less of a concentration on pop, and more experimentation. Cullen's version of meticulous bedroom pop matches his lyrical content, mostly love, longing and the search for a spiritual path. Sounds a lot more like the Beatniks than the attention-starved songwriters of today, eh? Nothing Happens is a definite listen for fans of folktronica, bedroom pop and experimental singer/songwriters.