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Nudeswirl is the self-titled debut studio album by New Jersey-based rock band Nudeswirl, released independently on the band's More Records label in 1989. This album is only available in vinyl and has not yet been released in any other format. The tracks, "Fuck Sharp" and "Sooner or Later", also appeared on their second and final album (which is also self-titled), although the former is retitled "F Sharp".

Track listing[]

All songs written by Nudeswirl, except where noted.

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Fuck Sharp"     
2. "Emily"     
3. "Hand In The Mattress"     
4. "17th Century Orgy"     
5. "What She Wants"     
6. "Toranamo"  Toro, Thomas, Richards, Melee  
7. "Sooner Or Later"     
8. "Fire and Flames"     
9. "Cigarette"     
10. "Naked"     


  • Diz Cortright - guitar
  • Shane M. Green - vocals, guitar
  • Mike Toro - drums
  • Christopher Wargo - bass guitar

Additional musicians

  • Ed Melee
  • Jennifer Blakeley
  • Karen Richards
  • Produced by Nudeswirl
  • Engineered by Eric Rachel
  • Mixed by Glen Marchese at Record Plant, N.Y.C.
  • Photography and art direction by Dana Gross
  • Cover photo by Shane M. Green

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