Artist: Fischerspooner

Date Released: April 5, 2005

Label: Capitol

Produced By:


  1. Just Let Go
  2. Cloud
  3. Never Win
  4. A Kick in the Teeth
  5. Everything to Gain
  6. We Need a War
  7. Get Confused
  8. Wednesday
  9. Happy
  10. Ritz 107
  11. All We Are
  12. Untitled


Way back in 1998 in the lovely town of New York City was born an enigmatic duo featuring a classically trained musician and video-artist/experimental theatre performer. Warren Fischer and Casey Spooner form a modern, musical odd couple. Using their combined special powers, the duo began to create electro-pop/new wave songs that concentrated heavily on the performance. Taking a page from David Bowie, the newly born Fischerspooner created stage shows with 20+ dancers and music that could hypnotize you into a dancing zombie. For their third full-length, they have moved much more into the pop section of electro-pop. Handling vocal duties themselves for the first time, they come off as a techno Postal Service. It’s not bad, but it takes that acquired taste that many people are already jaded from. For a more ambitious track, make sure you check out All We Are, when everything goes completely haywire. Mpardaiolo