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Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

Founded: 1993

Founded by: Carl Caprioglio

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Oglio (pronounced "oleo") was started by Carl Caprioglio as a way to release long out-of-print records he loved as well as various-artists compilations, particularly of the 1980s. Many of the records he decided to reissue were those with a sense of humor -- some out-and-out comedy records (Ogden Edsl, Henry Phillips, Jackie Martling) and pop/rock/experimental bands that merely would use humor in their lyrics (Barnes & Barnes, Sparks). Their 1980s various artists compilations gave Oglio the footing to become the largish indie label it is today, with a few various offshoots, including Five Foot Two records by Anna Waronker (of that dog.) and Steve McDonald (of Redd Kross) and Glue Factory (for Alternative Rock) and DMAFT (for Hip-Hop). Oglio is especially known for their reissues, as they tend to go the extra mile, and include full linernotes and sometimes bonus tracks, making sure to work with the original artists when they can.

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