Creeping shadows in the dark see a sight that grips your heart. I can see you, I can tell you there's no hiding. Ringing ringing, come and answer. Seeing, seeing you run faster. Can you hear it? Can you feel it? You have one missed call... of you screaming. Death will be your brand new playmate, hide and seek is what the game is. You can't win it, it is hopeless. Your end is near. Ringing ringing, come and answer. Hearing, hearing you scream louder. There's no running, there's no hiding when death seeks you. Come and hear what your true fate is. There's no point in running circles. Fate is calling, death is coming for you, my dear. Ringing ringing, come and answer. Feeling, feeling your feared heart beat. There's no safe place you can go to. It will find you. Lurking fear will fog your mind, even in this you cannot hide. It will arrive and will embrace you, the only thing that will. Ringing ringing, come and answer. Tasting, tasting this dire moment. Your emotions, they're the spices. Feeding from you. Fear has peeled you, showing your soul. Gazes of shadows burn and pierce through, this translucent image of you will soon be gone. Ringing ringing, come and answer. Fate is calling, then death after. Seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting the end to come. Spirit revealed and is tender. Drained of safety, injected danger. You are still bound and all strapped down in this darkness. Nowhere to leave, one place to go. Paranoia and fear guide you to this one place, all routes lead there. Your map fate drew. Gouge out your eyes, impale your ears. Still you can see, still you can hear. There's no stopping this eternal fear. It's still creeping. All these figures, they are watching in the dark with you and laughing. Their laughter will break into your mind, now only shards. They will take these shards and cut you. Dissect, rip, slash, and will tear you. What was once what you relied on is now against you. Steal your voice and sew your mouth, thread of fear and needle of fate. No sound comes out, no scream escapes just like you can't. Ringing ringing, come and answer. Haunting ringing breaks the silence. The time has come, the time is now to take your last call.

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