Ordinary World is the second album by American rock band Get Set Go. The albums lyrical themes are based off of frontman Mike TV's experience with drug addictition that started shortly after So You've Ruined Your Life was released. Although the album is not successful in mainstream, songs like "I Hate Everyone" and "Sleep" were featured in episodes of Grey's Anatomy.


The albums artwork is supposed to be a homage to double LPs, one example is the fact that the track listing is divided up to Parts I, II, III, and IV, which is a homage to Sides A, B, C, and D. Another example is the CD insert, it folds out like a LP insert, with the artwork on one side and the lyrics on the other.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Crying Shame
  2. Get Thru The Day
  3. One Hundred Locks
  4. Ordinary World
  5. I Hate Everyone
  6. Lift Me Up
  7. Murder By Millions
  8. Do Over
  9. In The Name Of All Thats Evil On The Earth
  10. Mean
  11. A Little More
  12. Wont Let Her Go
  13. Sleep
  14. So Sorry
  15. My Wasted Life
  16. Suicide
  17. The Old Ennui
  18. Stay Away
  19. So Your Gonna Die
  20. Die Motherf___er Die
  21. Music Makes Me Wanna Die


Appearances In The MediaEdit

Track 5, "I Hate Everyone" was included in the second volume of the Grey's Anonatomy Soundtrack. "Sleep", Track 13, was in an episode of Grey's Anonatomy. Track 21, "Die Motherf___er Die", was in the second season finale of the show Weeds.

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