Paper Route is the debut single from SB Records artist AJG. It is produced by soundclick producer WHP. The single is set for official release June 1st. The single is to promote the debut from AJG entitled AJG.

The song is about getting money refering it to a paper route and has the same idea of "making it rain" when AJG says "throwing paper out". The song has a more thought out idea for a song about cash and is on the more creative side. The song contains multiple punchlines and metaphors as with most AJG songs.

The LeakEdit

A couple weeks before the release, in Mid-May, "Paper Route" was leaked on the street and began getting uploaded on soundclick unofficially. SB Records was under debate on weather or not to release the single officially as soon as possible but kept the original release date for June 1st in order not to disrupt the promotion plan.


"Paper Route" went out with consecutive airplay on both myspace and soundclick and was noted to have multiple players around the internet (acidplanet, bebo, myspace, imeem, spityogame, soundclick & more). The song managed to debut and consecutively stay at #1 on the Hyphy charts and peaked at #2 on the Main Hip-Hop Charts. The song became SB Record's 1st #1 hit. The single has currently recieved massive airplay and has become hugley popular around Southern California, Myspace & Soundclick. The video is due to hit youtube September 1st

Sub-Genre (Hyphy): #1

Main-Genre (Hip-Hop): #2


The official remix was released August 1st and as a bonus track on the album. It's features: AJG, Exampl, Ka$h, Black Ice, Chris Burch, Espanto & Gravy.

Another remix entitled "The I.E. Remix" is to be released on Espanto's debut Lord I'm A Sinner as a bonus track. The remix features AJG rapping a new 16 bar verse in auto-tune effect, a chorus with Gravy, AJG & Espanto and extended versions of remix verses from Exampl & Espanto.


  1. Paper Route (LP Version) 5:17
  2. Paper Route Instrumental 5:15
  3. Paper Route Acapella 5:17

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