Artist: Et Sans

Date Released: April 5, 2005 (recorded 2003-04)

Label: Alien8

Produced By:


  1. Lachose Nue Nue Nue Ou l'Amoncellement Spectral du Mac
  2. Une Bouche Végétale, Des Creatures Soufflent des Sécrétions du Tout Fout le
  3. Made Moiselle Ogive, Un Tremblement Osseux Dans Lederriére
  4. Les Courbes Sanglantes Entendues de l'Organe Trop Uraíment Halluciné

Et Sans is an experimental band out of the budding Montreal scene consisting of members of Godspeed, You Black Emperor!, Fly Pan Am and The Shalabi Effect. For their first release on Alien8, the group has put together four rather different songs. The first is the shortest at 5 minutes and is a crawling blend of minimalist electronica and analog splices. The second and longest track at 18 minutes is a throbbing slosh of schizophrenia that sounds like a collaboration between Suicide and Mike Patton. The third track at 10 minutes sounds like the soundtrack to a creepy late 60s independent French film. And the fourth track, clocking in at around 12 minutes, is centered around a relentless drum track while an array of splintered electronics and spliced vocals continuously circle your ears. This is definitely not an album for the weak-hearted; it is a challenging array of disoriented cultural influences and intricate experimentation. Mpardaiolo