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Parish were an American power metal band from Tampa, Florida.


Parish were formed by two ex-Crimson Glory members Ben Jackson (guitar) and Dana Burnell (drums), with the original lineup also including vocalist John David, guitarist David Edward, and bassist Mike Luther.[1] Although Damien Black bassist Scott Mire has also been associated with Parish, and most original 1995 pressings of their only album Envision credited bassist Bernard Hernandez and drummer Rich Tabor, Dana Burnell later claimed to have been involved in the writing process of the entire album and recorded drums on half the songs before stepping down for family reasons prior to the album's 2019 limited edition re-release courtesy of Vanity Music Group and 20th Century Music.[1][2]


Original members

Later members

  • Scott Mire - bass
  • Bernard Hernandez - bass
  • Rich Tabor - drums



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