"Part-Time Love" is a song written by Elton John with lyrics by Gary Osborne. It is the sixth track off his 1978 album, A Single Man. It is also the opening track of side two. It proved to be one of the most popular singles the pair wrote, along with 1982's "Blue Eyes" and the 1980 US million seller Little Jeannie. It was banned in the Soviet release of the album along with another song, "Big Dipper". The single reached #15 in the UK and peaked just outside the Top 20 in theU.S. at #21.


 [hide*1 Musical structure

Musical structure[edit]Edit

The song opens with a jaunty piano, and then goes into the main riff, an uptempo disco-flavoured party song. The lead guitar played here is by John's long-time bandmate Davey Johnstone. The song features strings in such a way that it could easily be referred to as a disco anthem. Ray Cooper also appears on percussion that flows together with the drums and bass. The bridge in the song is very messy, fitting in with the lyric.

Lyrical meaning[edit]Edit

In the September 29, 1979 edition of the Ann Landers advice column, one writer going by the title "Want A Better Environment For Our Youth" alleged that these lyrics of this song dealt with adultery"You've been seen running around...Don't tell me what to do when you've been doing it too."[1]

Due to the disco craze at the time, the song wasn't popular, and John only played it in his live sets of 1978 and 1979. It did however appear on his compilation The Very Best of Elton John in 1990. Interestingly, while the A-side was written by Gary Osborne, the B-side, "I Cry at Night" was written by Bernie Taupin. It is one of the few singles John released with different lyricists on each side.


  • Elton John - piano, vocals
  • Tim Renwick - guitars
  • Clive Franks - bass
  • Steve Holly - drums
  • Ray Cooper - percussion
  • Vicki Brown - backing vocals
  • Joanne Stone - backing vocals
  • Stevie Lange - backing vocals
  • Gary Osborne - backing vocals
  • Chris Thompson - backing vocals
  • Davey Johnstone - backing vocals, lead guitar
  • Paul Buckmaster - orchestral arrangement
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