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Parth Siddhpura is an Indian musician, producer and entrepreneur is the youngest independent artist to gain popularity through social media in Gujarat as he started his musical career by making instrumental songs in various tunes and later making mashups and remixes.

Personal life[]

Parth was born in Ahmedabad on October 30, 2005, and raised in Gujarat.[1] Since his childhood, he loves to sing and started remixing music. While nobody knew who Parth Siddhpura was, after achieving success in the music business, he became a well known artist. As of now, Parth Siddhpura is a Musician. As a child, Parth always wanted to be a social media influencer to either bring fun and entertainment, or just help other people around the world.


Parth started his musical career as an independent musician at the age of 15. He believes in reaching greater heights as he sees himself roaming all over the world and makes everyone dance to his tunes. While everyone discouraged him, he remained focused on his goals and today he is a well known musician.[2]