"Partyman" is a song by Prince from his 1989 Batman album, and the follow-up to his number one hit, "Batdance".[1] The song is one of the few on the album that is prominently featured in the film, accompanying the scene in which the Joker and his minions gleefully deface the exhibits in the Gotham City Art Museum before meeting Vicki Vale.

The song became the only Batman single to perform better in the UK charts, where it peaked at number 14, as opposed to the U.S. (where it peaked at number 18). The upbeat and humorous number features horn samples and Prince's sped-up "Camille" vocals, as well as a vocal performance by Anna Fantastic. The 12" single extends the song to about six minutes in length (labeled as the "Video Mix"), and features the B-side "Feel U Up", a previously unreleased Camille track which would later be available on The Hits/The B-Sides compilation.

"Feel U Up" was originally cut in 1981, but re-recorded in 1986 for the Camille album. Despite being intended for a totally different project, the horn arrangement and vocal style complement "Partyman" perfectly. The 12" single also included a "Purple Party Mix", which starts with a string of samples from Prince's earlier hits and contains different lyrics. A track identified as a "music mix" is an instrumental of the "Purple Party Mix".

The song's accompanying music video, directed by Albert "Al" Magnoli,[2] again presents Prince's "Gemini" persona dressed in a "half-Joker" costume.

Owing to licensing problems, "Partyman", like all of the Batman-era hits, has failed to appear on any Prince compilation album, barring the UK singles promoting The Hits/The B-Sides.

Track listings[edit]Edit

7" single
  1. "Partyman" – 3:11
  2. "Feel U Up" (Short Stroke) – 3:44
12" single (US)
  1. "Partyman" (The Purple Party Mix) – 6:02
  2. "Partyman" (Partyman Music Mix) – 4:31
  3. "Partyman" (The Video Mix) – 6:20
  4. "Feel U Up" (Short Stroke) – 3:44
12" single (UK)
  1. "Partyman" (Video Mix) – 6:20
  2. "Feel U Up" (Long Stroke) – 6:28
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