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Paul Godwin (pseudonym of Pinchas Goldfein); (Sosnowiec1902 - March 28, Three mountains9 december 1982), was a Polish-Dutch violinist, violist and conductor.


[hide]*1 Training


The young Pinchas Goldfein studied violin in Warsaw, where he was a pupil of the violinist and composer Stanislaw Barcewicz. Via Vienna and Budapest, where his teacher was Jenő Hubay , he ended up in 1920 inBerlin. Here he studied with Willy Hess at the Berliner Hochschule für Musik. To in his living, he played salon music in restaurants and at salon orchestras. That was him at the Conservatory not readily accepted and he was sent of the training.

German popularity[Edit][]

In Berlin he established, in 1922, his first orchestra op. Godwin became a familiar sight in the world of cabaret, salon music and jazz. He played in and with various orchestras and ensembles, soloists accompanied by name, such as Curt Bois and Otto Reuter. In addition, he appeared in revues, dance theatres and for the radio. His notoriety increased due to a recording contract with Deutsche Grammophon(1925). Until 1933, more than 1500 images to which Godwin are cooperate. His dance Orchestra Paul Godwin's Jazz Symphonians was very popular at the end of the 1920s. From 1929 he worked on various films. To its German fame came in 1933 a end, when Hitler came to power. A short time later, Godwin, of Jewish origin, left the country.

To Netherlands[Edit][]

Godwin first traveled to Luxembourg, but quickly came right in Netherlands. Here he founded a new dance Orchestra, with which he also performed abroad. To this second success period came to an end with the German invasion of the country. Because he was with a non-Jewish woman was married, he escaped to deportation, but after a period in which he in the Jewish Theatre in Amsterdam could occur, he was from 1941 made the work impossible under anti-Jewish measures. Godwin had to forced labour.

After the war he resumed his work in concert hall, theater and at the broadcaster. He also manifested itself again in the Chamber music. Along with Nap de Klijn and the violinists Jaap Schröder and the cellist Carel van Leeuwen Boomkamp he formed, as Alto player, the Netherlands String Quartet. He also played in the ensemble, as a violinist, Alma Musica. He formed a duo with pianist David Rossican. For the VARA he was regularly heard, both in the classical and light music. His Orchestra Paul Godwin, while he enjoyed great popularity as a soloist with the Promenade Orchestra occasionally worked. His repertoire presented byMozart to Shostakovich and the dance music from the 1940s. Paul Godwin took on 4 november 1972 farewell to the stage during a concert in which Yehudi Menuhin collaborated, but even after that he still was during download chamber concerts.

Since 1952 Paul Godwin had the Dutch nationality.