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The Piano is a Percussion Instrument that emits sound by applying force while pressing down the keys on the keyboard. The piano is a shortened term for Pianoforte. Pianos have been around since the early 1600s and are among the world's most popular instrument.




The earliest form of the piano dates back to the Middle Ages. These prototypes do not have keys but are struck by a felt hammer by hand similar to a modern piano. The keyboard designs for the piano were not introduced until the 1600s with the invention of the Harpsichord and the Clavichord which are the ancestors of the modern day piano. Although they are more playable than their medieval counterparts, these designs requires a foot pedal in order to produce sound. These pedals are different than those from modern conventional versions. As the system gradually becomes more complex with the advent of Industrialization, the design eventually becomes distinct to systems featured in modern pianos.

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