Pornography is the fourth studio album by the English newwavegroep The Cure . It was released in 1982 on the label Fiction Records .


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Interest edit ]Edit

Although the album was initially criticized in the press, it is now considered one of the highlights, if not the best in The Cure catalog. The album also marked a real turning point in the history of the group. She was made ​​under the influence of drink and drugs masses, leading to mental stress in the group. Besides, the leader of the group, Robert Smith , had trouble loosening of the dark atmosphere of most songs of the group. The album begins with the telltale phrase "It does not matter if we all die ', ending with' I will fight this sickness, find the cure," what good the process the band expresses made ​​during the making of the album . It was clear that there were only two options after Pornography: either stop or interact with music in a slightly lighter way. It has become the second choice, which immediately turned on the successor Japanese Whispers .

The album along with Disintegration is the only album that regularly pops up in the album 100 of Studio Brussel . In 2007 it reached the 72nd place.

The Group has in 2002 the entire album performed live with the thematically related albums Disintegration and Bloodflowers in the Trilogy concerts.

2005 Deluxe Edition edit ]Edit

The album was re-released in 2005 with additional bonus CD with demo and live versions of existing songs in the group supplemented with some demos of non-released material.

Numbers Edit ]Edit

All songs were written by Gallup, Smith and Tolhurst.

  1. One Hundred Years "- 6:40
  2. "A Short Term Effect" - 4:22
  3. The Hanging Garden "- 4:33
  4. "Siamese Twins" - 5:29
  5. "The Figurehead" - 6:15
  6. "A Strange Day" - 5:04
  7. "Cold" - 4:26
  8. "Pornography" - 6:27

Composition Edit ]Edit

Singles edit ]Edit

The Hanging Garden and One Hundred Years was released on April 27, 1982 as a limited edition EP, along with a live recording of A Forest and Killing an Arab .

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