Premier Musique Group is an indie record label, distribution, and music production company, founded in 2002. Over the years the company has been host to artists in multiple genres, including christian, jazz, pop, alternative, and hip hop. The company is better known for its acts in the Christian-family and jazz areas. The company is owned by Crayton Corp, whose president has an extended background in music, as a music producer. The company's main acts include, Hulon, who was listed as #25 on the Nielson BDS / Billboard radio charts (as of May 7th, 2010), and former American Idol contestant, Courtney Salter.

Active RosterEdit

  • Hulon
  • Courtney Salter

Past ArtistsEdit

  • Strikk Biz
  • Fully Loaded Entertainment
  • Phocused Records
  • Amino Gunz
  • Streetz
  • Shaamar
  • Capone the Don

Key ReleasesEdit

  • Hulon - First Impressions

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