Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Founded: 1974

Founded by: The Cryptic Corporation, The Residents' managers

Link: n/a

Genre(s): Avant Garde


Key ReleasesEdit

Aside from The Residents' records:


Formed as a label to self-release The Residents' records, Ralph grew in the 1970s as a label for all sorts of avant garde records from around the world, gaining both a large roster and a large reputation. Their albums were typically reviewed well, though they rarely sold much. In the 1980s, though, they had some financial difficulties and sold the label to T.E.C. Tones. In the 1990s, Ralph was revived as RalphAmerica and EuroRalph, but at that time, they dealt only in The Residents' albums, and typically (especially in the case of RalphAmerica) only limited edition releases.

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