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Raymond Daniel "Ray" Manzarek, Jr. (February 12, 1939 - May 20, 2013) was an American musician best known for having been the co-founder and keyboardist of rock band The Doors. Manzarek was notable for performing on a keyboard bass during many live shows and some recordings, taking on a role usually filled by a bass guitar player.

Manzarek played on all eight studio releases by The Doors, sharing lead vocal duties with guitarist Robby Krieger on the last two albums recorded after the death of Jim Morrison. After The Doors disbanded in 1973, Manzarek remained active in music, fronting the band Nite City as well as releasing several solo albums through Mercury Records.

In 2002, Manzarek reunited with Robby Krieger to form the band Manzarek-Krieger (they were originally known as The Doors of the 21st Century but were forced to change their name following legal action from Doors drummer John Densmore.) The band played Doors material and toured together until 2013, when Manzarek died from bile duct cancer at age 74.

Manzarek is considered to be one of the best keyboardists ever. USA Today praised Manzarek for being the best keyboardist ever, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame said that he was "instrumental in shaping one of the most influential, controversial and revolutionary groups of the 1960's."

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