The Cover Of "Reanimation"
Remix album One by Linkin Park
Released July 30, 2002
Recorded During the Hybrid Theory tour, 2001
Genre Nu metal, industrial metal, alternative hip hop, alternative metal
Length 61:00
Language English
Label Warner Bros. Records, WEA International
Producer Mike Shinoda
Compiler Mike Shinoda
Linkin Park's albums chronology
Hybrid Theory

Reanimation is the first remix album by American rock band Linkin Park as a follow-up to their first studio album, Hybrid Theory and released on July 30, 2002. Recorded during the Hybrid Theory tour in 2001, it features hip hop and electronica-influenced remixes of songs from Hybrid Theory.


Reanimation helped the many underground hip-hop artists that it featured reach a larger audience, as well as changing the nature of the work so significantly (restructuring songs, adding or substantially changing verses, and adding several guest artists) that it could be considered an entirely new album. Reviewer Stephen Thomas Erlewine (of Allmusic) considered the album "a welcome step in the right direction," and he praised Reanimation for attempting to break new ground. Linkin Park have also stated that this album could be considered both a remix and studio album. MetaCritic gave the album a score of 60%, however, the album reached a peak position of #2 on the Billboard 200 and stayed on the list for 33 straight weeks. It sold 270,000 copies in its debut week.

MTV2 VideosEdit

MTV2 made videos for each song of the album for its playback of the album on "MTV:Playback" which aired only a few times. These include "Opening" (the girl from the video for "Frgt/10" going to bed), "Pts.of.Athrty" (the US flag up to 1:05, then a motorcycle chase), "[Chali]" (the girl in bed and shots of her room), "Frgt/10" (the girl graffiting town, evading the police), "P5hng Me A*wy" (a cannibal at work), "Plc.4 Mie Hæd" (a girl singing to the song), "X-Ecutioner Style" (a cartoon boy walking around town, singing Chester's "Shut up" parts), "H! Vltg3" (a night in the life of a man), "[Riff Raff]" (the girl in bed), "Wth>You" (very quick montage of mugshots of people in sync with the song), "Ppr:Kut" (shots of people's reactions to an unexpected loud noise while listening to music; Mr. Hahn made a cameo appearance in this video), "Rnw@y" (a girl with a mohawk in town), My<Dsmbr (a man obviously lives on the beach and does some amusements in an amusement park), "By_Myslf" (a girl in a forest), "Kyur4 th Ich" (people breakdancing), "1Stp Klosr" (depicts a failing relationship) and "Krwlng" (animation of a white stick man). Only the "Frgt/10" and "Kyur4 Th Ich" were officially released on the DVD-A edition of the album, along with the official 3D animated "Pts.of.Athrty" video.

Live ReanimationEdit

Some of the material on Reanimation found its way into Linkin Park's live shows, as attested by the presence of "P5hng Me A*wy" on Live in Texas. Also, the intro to Krwlng is sometimes played before the song "Crawling", "Frgt/10" which was performed at 'ReAct: Music and Relief' (2005). The 2nd bridge of "1Stp Klosr" is usually played where it would in the reanimated version of "One Step Closer", and Jonathan Davis's verse is sung by Chester. Occasionally, Mike Shinoda will sing the "Blood is pouring" part in between Chester's "Shut up!" refrain. Before the "Shut up!" part comes in, Chester will sing "Blood is pouring" as the crowd is hyped. On the same tour, Chali 2na performed "Frgt/10" with the band. Also, the samples played during Mike's verses from "Wth>You" are used instead of the original guitar/synth parts from "With You" and Chester screams "Come on!" right before the guitar riffs. Mike Shinoda has also played a shortened version of "Enth E ND" with Fort Minor at their Pukkelpop live shows in 2005. During the 2004 line of Projekt Revolution shows, Linkin Park's Joe Hahn performed the opening to "Pts.of.Athrty" before opening "Points of Authority". Since 2006, Krwlng has been used by Linkin Park as the intro to the song Crawling, an intro of a minute plus is played in the lead up to the song,and since "project Revolution 08" Mike shinoda has sang the first verse of "Hands Held High" over the intro.


Track Song Writer(s) Length
Official Title Notes
1 Opening (Original Release) Linkin Park 1:07
2 Pts.of.Athrty
  • (Jay Gordon)
(Reinterpreted By Jay Gordon & Josh Kouzomis) Linkin Park 3:45
3 Enth E Nd
  • (KutMasta Kurt Featuring Motion Man)
(Reinterpreted By KutMasta Kurt Featuring Motion Man) Linkin Park 3:59
4 [Chali] (Featuring Chali 2na) Linkin Park 0:23
5 Frgt/10
  • (Alchemist Featuring Chali 2na)
(Reinterpreted By The Alchemist Featuring Chali 2na) Linkin Park, Wakefield, Farrell 3:32
6 P5hng Me A*wy
  • (Mike Shinoda Featuring Stephen Richards)
(Reinterpreted By Mike Shinoda Featuring Stephen Richards) Linkin Park 4:37
7 Plc.4 Mie Hæd
  • (Amp Live Featuring Zion)
(Reinterpreted By Amp Live Featuring Zion-I With Additional Keyboards Mickey Petralia) Linkin Park, Wakefield, Farrell 4:20
8 X-Ecutioner Style
  • (Featuring Black Thought)
(Reinterpreted By Sean C. Featuring Roc Raida & Black Thought) Linkin Park 1:49
9 H! Vltg3
  • (Evidence Featuring Pharoahe Monch & DJ Babu)
(Reinterpreted By Evidence Featuring Pharoahe Monch With Cut By DJ Babu) Shinoda, Hahn, Delson 3:30
10 [Riff Raff] (Original Release) Linkin Park 0:21
11 Wth>You
  • (Chairman Hahn Featuring Aceyalone)
(Reinterpreted By Chairman Hahn Featuring Aceyalone) Linkin Park, M. Simpson, J. King 4:12
12 Ntr\Mssion (Original Release) Linkin Park 0:29
13 Ppr:Kut
  • (Cheapshot & Jubacca Featuring Rasco & Planet Asia)
(Reinterpreted By Cheapshot & Jubacca Featuring Rasco & Planet Asia) Linkin Park 3:26
14 Rnw@y
  • (Backyard Bangers Featuring Phoenix Orion)
(Reinterpreted By Backyard Bangers Featuring Phoenix Orion) Linkin Park, Wakefield 3:13
15 My<Dsmbr
  • (Mickey P. Featuring Kelli Ali)
(Reinterpreted By Mickey P. Featuring Kelli Ali With Additional Keyboards By Greg Kurstin) Shinoda 4:17
16 [Stef] (Original Release) Linkin Park 0:10
17 By_Myslf
  • (Josh Abraham & Mike Shinoda)
(Reinterpreted By Josh Abraham & Mike Shinoda With Additional Guitars By Stephen C.) Linkin Park 3:42
18 Kyur4 th Ich
  • (Chairman Hahn)
(Reinterpreted By Chairman Hahn & Michael Fitzpatrick) Linkin Park 2:32
19 1stp Klosr
  • (The Humble Brothers Featuring Jonathan Davis)
(Reinterpreted By The Humble Brothers Featuring Jonathan Davis) Linkin Park 5:46
20 Krwlng
  • (Mike Shinoda Featuring Aaron Lewis)
(Reinterpreted By Mike Shinoda Featuring Aaron Lewis) Linkin Park 5:42
Japanese Edition
21 Buy Myself
  • (Manson Remix)
(Remix Of "By Myself" By Marilyn Manson) Linkin Park, Marilyn Manson 4:26
iTunes Bonus Tracks
21 One Step Closer
  • (Live At LP Underground Tour 2003)
(Live At LP Underground Tour 2003) Linkin Park 3:42
22 Buy Myself
  • (Manson Remix)
(Remix Of "By Myself" By Marilyn Manson) Linkin Park, Marilyn Manson 4:26
23 My December
  • (Live At Projekt Revolution Tour 2002)
(Live At Projekt Revolution Tour 2002) Shinoda 4:27


Contains the complete album mixed in 5.1 surround sound, along with the music videos for "Pts.of.Athrty", "Frgt/10", and "Kyur4 th Ich", as well as the making of "Pts.of.Athrty" feature. This is only available in a DVD-Audio format. It plays in most DVD players and DVD-A compatible CD players. This version was originally distributed to members of the Linkin Park Underground, who signed up before November 10, 2002, for free. It was also made into a DualDisc format which contained the CD version on one side and the DVD-Audio on the other. "Reanimation" was of the thirteen initial DualDisc titles released as part of the test marketing.


There are currently two known demos from the Reanimation recording sessions – one for "1stp Klosr", only remixed by the Humble Brothers without Jonathan Davis (this was a hidden feature on the DVD Frat Party at the Pankake Festival), and a demo of "Pts.of.Athrty". These have not been commercially released, but they have become popular online and amongst Linkin Park fans.


Remixes were also crafted by Tricky, Prince Paul, DJ Z-Trip, Team Sleep (My December), and The Girl Scouts.


Linkin ParkEdit

  • Chester Bennington - Vocals
  • Mike Shinoda - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards, Beats
  • Brad Delson - Guitars
  • Dave "Phoenix" Farrell - Bass, Violin, Cello
  • Rob Bourdon - Drums, Beats
  • Joseph "Chairman" Hahn - DJ'ing, Turntables, Sampling, Cut

Additional HelpEdit

  • Stephen Richards - Vocals
  • Kelli Ali - Vocals
  • Jonathan Davis - Vocals
  • Aaron Lewis - Vocals
  • Motion Man - Rapping
  • Chali 2na - Rapping
  • Sean Colson - Rapping
  • Black Thought - Rapping
  • Zion-I - Rapping
  • Pharoahe Monch - Rapping
  • Aceyalone - Rapping
  • Rasco - Rapping
  • Planet Asia - Rapping
  • Phoenix Orion - Rapping
  • Greg Kurstin - Keyboards
  • Mickey Petralia - Keyboards
  • Stephen Carpenter - Guitar
  • DJ Babu - Cut
  • Jay Gordon - Interpretation
  • KutMasta Kurt - Interpretation
  • The Alchemist - Interpretation
  • Amp Live - Interpritation
  • Roc Raida - Interpretation
  • Evidence - Interpretation
  • Cheapshot - Interpretation
  • Jubacca - Interpretation
  • Backyard Bangers - Interpretation
  • Mickey Petralia - Interpretation
  • Josh Abraham - Interpretation
  • The Humble Brothers - Interpretation
  • Mickey Petralia - Interpretation
  • Michael Fitzpatrick - Interpretation
  • Josh Kouzomis - Interpretation


  • Mike Shinoda - Producer
  • Don Gilmore - Producer
  • Mickey Petralia - Producer
  • Doug Trantow - Producer
  • David Treahearn - Assistant
  • Brad Delson - Assistant
  • John Ewing - Pro Tools
  • Mike Shinoda - Programming
  • Chester Bennington - Programming
  • Rob Bourdon - Programming
  • Michael Fitzpatrick - Programming
  • Mickey Petralia - Programming
  • Doug Trantow - Programming
  • Erik Gregory - Programming
  • Mike Shinoda - Engineer
  • Doug Trantow - Engineer
  • Jeff Chester - Engineer
  • Ryan Williams - Engineer
  • Jonas G. - Engineer
  • Ray Wilson - Assistant Engineer
  • Chester Bennington - Assistant Engineer
  • DJ Revolution - Editing
  • Brian Gardner - Digital Editing
  • Mike Shinoda - Mixing
  • Mark "Spike" Stent - Mixing
  • Andy Wallace - Mixing
  • Troy Staton - Mixing
  • Joseph "Chairman" Hahn - Mixing Assistant
  • David Treahearn - Mixing Assistant
  • Tom Whalley - A&R
  • Jeff Blue - A&R
  • Nancie Stern - Sample Clearance
  • Mike Shinoda - Mastering
  • Brian Gardner - Mastering



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