Renegades is the first cover album and fourth Studio album by Rage Against The Machine. It was released on December 5, 2000, afew months after the band broke-up. It contains covers of The Rolling Stones, DEVO, Cypress Hill, Bob Dylan, Afrika Bambaataa, and more. The album released two singles, "Renegades Of Funk", originally by Afrika Bambaataa, and "How I Could Just Kill A Man", originally by Cypress Hill.


The cover is a parody of the famous "Love" sculpter by Robert Indiana. Instead of saying LOVE, it reads RAGE. The cover came in a verity of different colors. The booklet contains a poem and has a picture of a dollar with "You Are Not A Slave" written on it.


The original versions of the songs ranged from Hip-Hop, Punk Rock, and simply Rock. The covers are in the musical stylings of Rage Against The Machine's, which is Rap-Metal, Funk Metal, Alternative Metal and Hard Rock.


Track No. Title Original Artist Length
1 "Microphone Fiend" Eric B & Rakim 5:01
2 "Pistol Grip Pump" Volume 10 3:18
3 "Kick Out The Jams" MC5 3:11
4 "Renegades Of Funk" Afrika Bambaataa 4:35
5 "Beautiful World" DEVO 2:55
6 "I'm Housin'" EPMD 4:56
7 "In My Eyes" Minor Threat 2:54
8 "How I Could Just Kill A Man" Cypress Hill 4:04
9 "The Ghost Of Tom Joad" Bruce Springsteen 5:38
10 "Down On The Street" The Stooges 3:38
11 "Street Fighting Man" The Rolling Stones 4:42
12 "Maggie's Farm" Bob Dylan 6:54
13* "Kick Out The Jams" (Live) MC5 4:31
14* "How I Could Just Kill A Man" (Live) Cypress Hill 4:30
*Not on all versions of the album

Best Buy Bonus CDEdit

For a limited time, Best Buy sold a bonus Disc with the album that included the following:

  1. "People Of The Sun" (Live)
  2. "No Shelter" (Live)

Both of the songs would appear on the bands 2003 Live album Live At The Grand Olympic Auditorium. A live version of "Kick Out The Jams" would appear on the DVD version.

Artist's ApprovalEdit

Cypress Hill approved of Rage's cover of "How I Could Just Kill A Man". They once actually played the song live with them. Infact, track 14 features two people from Cypress Hill.


  • Zach De La Rocha - Vocals
  • Tom Morello - Guitar
  • Tim Commerford - Bass
  • Brad Wilk - Drums
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