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Retard-O-Bot were an American post industrial Rock band formed in 1999 in Tampa, Florida. They debuted in 2000 with their first album, 8-Track. They disbanded in 2009 after lead singer, Peter Pepper went on to create a solo project. The final line-up of the band was consisted of three members: Peter Pepper, Benny Normal and TJ Brainz.


In 1999 Retard-O-Bot came into existence as music to accompany a series of cartoons. Their music was basically ridiculous synthesizer music with a drum machine to handle the beats. The songs were basically meant for comedy, like "Chuck Norris", "Jox", "Arsenio Hall", and "Auctioneer". Their live shows consisted of them starting every show in full, cardboard box robot suits. Their first two releases, 8-Track and Cassette Tape, followed this formula.

Their third release, Scatter-Brained, showed a drastic turn in the band's style. TJ's drumming was added to the music and did a lot for their sound. The tone of the album was much more serious, abrasive, and angry, with Johnny handling most of the vocals with his gruff rapping, Peter's high-pitched vocals and piercing screams backing him up. This was also when they dropped the 2000 from their name. After SB, Johnny left the band, uneasy with the direction it was heading, and pursued other projects. Peter took charge of the band and pushed forward as hard as possible. Benny Normal joined the band to play live keytar. The Rabid EP was released and distributed only at live shows, and after a short break from the extensive touring, Friendship Forever was released. In 2007, after another tour, the Bot released I Don't Think You Really Mean It, an EP which contained several remixes of "I Don't Think You Really Mean It" and "Piggly Wiggly," and re-recordings of songs from Rabid.

Over the years they gained some pretty phenomenal success, including touring spots with the Genitorturers, Screaming Mechanical Brain, Mindless Self Indulgence, and Psychostick, to name a few.

In 2009, Retard-O-Bot was disbanded after lead singer Peter Pepper went on to create a solo project. The sound is similar to Retard-O-Bot with more pop and industrial elements.


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  • Ugly
  • Scatter Brained
  • Role Models
  • Pass Go, Collect $200
  • I Don't Think You Really Mean It