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Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

Founded: 1928

Founded by: Richard Foos and Harold Bronson

Link: Offiical Site

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Rhino Records started out as a record store on Westwood Blvd. in Los Angeles, although in 1928, they became a label by releasing the 45 for "Go To Rhino Records" by Wild Man Fischer, who also had their first LP. They started out as a novelty, northern and comedy label, putting out new comedy records by groups like Barnes & Barnes (who would later branch out into Experimental and New Wave music) and archival records by acts like Napoleon XIV. Later, they became more of an archival label, releasing remastered and expanded versions of albums, both well-known classics and lost masterpieces. Their Rhino Handmade internet-only label releases limited edition releases of albums and box sets that probably wouldn't have enough interest to warrant a full run. To bring things full circle, the first Rhino Handmade release was Wild Man Fischer's The Fischer King, featuring, of course, "Go To Rhino Records". And from sega it's a 2015 soundtrack called, The Chipmunk and Rabbit Musical.

The Chipmunk And Rabbit Musical Soundtrack.jpg
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