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Rhythm Device, a music track musical group of the new beat

Rhythm Device was a popular musical group of the new beat and the techno, the influential contemporary electronic music, the electro dance, the progressive house.

In the 1980s, he had his own radio show, Seventh Heaven Radio.[2] In 1985, he began working for SIS radio.[2]

He also had his first jobs as resident DJ in two clubs in Gent. When New Beat became popular in Belgium around 1988 De Wulf started to produce his own tracks. One of his first hits was the 12" Acid Rock which he released with his project Rhythm Device on Music Man Records.[3] He also released the first of his B-Sides with unfinished beats and samples, which became very popular among DJs.

Together with other musicians he founded projects such as Bass Jumpers, F.O.G., Liaisons D, Dow Jones (later renamed Sounds In Order for legal reasons), and Rhythm Device. As remixer he worked on tracks by Digital Boy, Santa Esmeralda, Jam & Spoon, Erasure, The Orb, The Shamen, Model 500, Biosphere, Ken Ishii and Celvin Rotane.