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The term "rockabilly" is a contraction of the rock and roll music styles and hillbilly and became for the first time in the media used in a Billboard-discussion ofRuckus Tyler-plate "Rock Town Rock" in 1956. The story further goes, that is dated earlier than 1956, Dorsey and Johnny Burnette that the brothers both got a son called Billy and Rocky. By combining these two names came from Rockybilly. Because this name was not comfortable in the mouth, the term changed to Rockabilly.


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The music[Edit][]

Rockabilly is the precursor or even pioneers of rock and roll and originated in the late 1940s early 1950s, perhaps. The most famous rockabilly performer is without a doubt Elvis Presley, who with his very first recordings at Sun Records in 1954 the style single-handedly transformed into a music movement that was popular to a wide audience. The term rockabilly was well chosen, because this is a style that combines with the rock 'n' roll indeed hillbilly (or country music), black rhythms with clear melodies. In the 1950s, however, the term was used not intense. It fell over when all under the name of rock and roll. Meanwhile, the distinction is made and refers to rock and roll on the more commercial and more like rhythm and blues sounding music, where rockabilly clearly a larger country and western influence and obscurity clogged. Main features of the fingerpicking guitar rockabilly are the game and the "double slap" on the double bass. The song structure is based mainly on the standard 12 sizes-blues schedule. Originally contained this music no drums and double bass gave the rhythm. But by 1956 were drums all generally accepted.

The musicians[Edit][]

The most famous rockabilly-artists from the 1950 's are the said Elvis Presley ("that's All Right Mama"), Carl Perkins ("Blue Suede Shoes"), Billy Lee Riley ("flyin' Saucers rock'n ' roll"), Johnny Cash ("Get Rhythm") and Roy Orbison ("Ooby Dooby"). Most famous female rockabilly artist Wanda Jacksonwas. Most rockabilly-artists were whites who tried to integrate black music in their songs. Some later grew to well-known country-and pop stars. In the late 1950s rockabilly quickly lost popularity because they became eclipsed by the more commercial rock 'n' roll in the 1960s, and by the rise of the beatand pop music.


In the 1970s, especially after (or possibly because of) the death of Elvis Presley, one again got interest in music of two decades earlier. There was a real rock-'n-roll-rockabilly revival place either, with the most famous artists Stray Cats (in which played guitarist Brian Setzer ), Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm RockersMatchboxRobert Gordon andShakin' Stevens. This may be explained by the desire for revival is uncomplicated and spontaneous music, that the simultaneous rise of the punk played a role.

[1][2]Stray Cats ==The twenty-first century[Edit]==

Still, the rockabilly-scene a vibrant lifestyle. However in the undergroundsfeer. Weekly there are here and there meetings. Famous meeting place is ' The Cruise Inn ' in Amsterdam. It is estimated that in Netherlands about 75 bands that this music still practicing, including several who seriously participate in the scene, like El Rio Trio, Batmobile, Tjendol Sunrise, The Taildraggers, Slap back Johnny, Wild Stallion, Stray Cats, The Wieners, The Vibro Kings, The Barnstompers and Big Shampoo and the Hairstylers. [source? ]Also in Belgium knows this style much partisans and regular gigs and festivals (as most famous Rockin Around Turnhout, organized on Easter Day). Here too there are various bands still active, among other things The Rhumba Kings, The Legendary Johnny Trash, The Baboons, Laird Starks & The Slide Boppers, The Shim Sham Trio, Wild Deuces and Runnin Wild. Also followed from the rockabilly psychobilly a new flow, called rockabilly with punk , which combines.