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Roosarna is a Swedish dansband from Vallsta.[1], formed in 1969 by Kjell, Anders and Sven-Åke Roos Brothers as Bröderna Roos (the Roos brothers). The band name was changed to Roosarna in the mid 1970's. In 1975, it became a full-time playing band and in 1982, the band began collaborating with Kikki Danielsson.

The cooperation was expanded in 1990, when they began to appear as Kikki Danielsson & Roosarna, and scored several Svensktoppen hit songs through the 1990's. They were awarded a 1994 Grammis Award for the album Vet du vad jag vet. In September 1996, the name was changed to Kikki Danielssons orkester.

In 1998, the band toured church buildings, and released material in Germany the same year. In February 2000, Kikki Danielsson left the band[2], anad the band adopted the name Kjell Roos Band. However, starting in February 2003, Kikki Danielsson once again began touring with the band.[3]

For the 2008–2009 Christmas and holiday season the band began to tour with Magnus Carlsson.[4] In 2011 and 2012 the band accompanied Johnny Logan during a church tour.[5]


Name Position(s) Years
Current members
Kjell Roos Vocals, guitar 1969-present
Lennart Brink Bass 1969-present
Kent Lovén Drums 1969-present
Danne Wirenberg Guitar 1969-present
Marcus Fernholm Keyboard 1969-present
Former members
Kikki Danielsson Lead vocals 1969-2000


Studio albums[]

  • I kväll är det party (1985)
  • Livet är nu (1988)
  • På lugnare vatten (1990)
  • En enda gång (1992)
  • Vet du vad jag vet (1994)
  • Hem till Norden (1996)
  • Ett hus med många rum (1997)
  • Dagar som kommer och går (1999)
  • Vad livet har att ge (2005)


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