Roots rock or roots rock is a rock type that harks back to the American music tradition, including countryblues and folk. [1sometimes the term also used in a broader context, to Americana, former rock and rollcountry rock and other rock music with traditional American influences to include.

It is mainly associated with the emergence of hybrid subgenres from the later 1960s, including country rock and Southern rock, which were seen as responses to the excess of psychedelicand progressive rock. In the 1980s there was a revival of roots rock in response to the trends in punk rocknew wave and heavy metal.

In the current use of the term means a return to the origin of the roots rock rock and roll, blues and country and the fusion of the folk-revival, which again is the American rock tradition. At the genre is thought to rock bands at the end of the 1960s, such as Creedence Clearwater Revival, bands from the 1990s as Wilco and newer artists likeNeko Case.

Before the term was used for this genre, in particular, had an association with reggae, as in the Bob Marleysong "Roots Rock Reggae" from 1976.


According to rock critic Jack M roots rock was popular at the end of the 1960s, when "rock music did a step back from his drug overloaded experiments ... and returned to less-experimental sounds, while the topics were harder." He advocates that "Creedence Clearwater Revival the most successful of the roots rock bands was, with hits ranging from Green River and Proud Mary to the ferocious anti-Viet Nam Song " Fortunate Son ". [2End the 1970er years there were various musical overlaps between various rock genres, includingpunknew wavepower popska and other rock revolutions. " Early 1980s were these "rock revolutions" However "over their peak a and in decline". The rise of MTV caused much promotion of popular commercial genres such as pop and dance. As a result, there was less room for traditional rock music.

Beginning 1980er years came "a reaction against the aggressive and nihilistic slant of the punk, the bombastic sound of the metal and prog-rock and the synthetic sound of the new wave". A group of music lovers went back to listening to music "no frills" with "texts, which were straight". This "rustic sounding" bands, whose music was punctuated with "echoes of folk, blues, rockabilly or country, although they were called" roots rock bands in Los Angeles were joined under the name cowpunk . Another writer takes as a starting point the break-through of Bruce Springsteen, whose music has been described as "a working-class mix of 1950 's rock 'n' roll ... the sensitivity of the 60 's folk ... and the 70 's rock ... with garage -sounding guitars, delicious raw and trusted texts, which is as American as a Chevy pickup".

MTV spent in his early years, some attention to roots rock bands, but they never came on the fixed rotation lists, such as pop bands though came. Roots rock was seen as a small and locally-oriented trend, which was fed by the local radio stations and not as large genre that was carried by the rural radio stations. It included the country rockstyle of Lone Justice, the garage rock of The Long Ryders, the 1950s-rock 'n' roll of The Blasters and the cowpunk of The Beat Farmers. What it all had in common was the simple approach with guitarsbass guitardrumsvocals, covering most of the sound formed by bands and artists such as Gun ClubChris IsaakSteve EarleJohn Mellencamp and Los Lobos.

Bands with a clear roots rock oriented style zijnThe Bottle Rockets, The BoDeans and Jason & the Scorchers. Influences of roots rock are back be heard in bands such asCounting CrowsCracker and The Nob Hill Billys; in fact the whole Americana genre could be considered Division of the roots rock. [3an important roots rock bands from the 1990s, the Decade in which the genre in decline hit, was Wilco, whose "roots rock sound ... reference to the tried and tested recipe, the strumming from the country, the solid THUMP of the sixties rock, the undulating sheen of the Beach Boys, the honky-tonk hymns of The Band and the melodic symmetries of pop music." [4]

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