Roots to Branches is an album by the British progressive rock band Jethro Tull, released in 1995. The album adds a new dimension to Jethro Tull, namely an Oriental sound.

Many Jethro Tull fans huiverden upon hearing the title of this album. This would be the last album are? Fortunately for them, the title text of the title track, and it was not a biographical statement of the band.

Roots To Branches during the tour Ian Anderson was admitted in a hospital in Australia, after he got a Deep Vain Trombosis during a concert. The rest of the tour is then cancelled. Later he worked on commercials of the Foundation Spotlight Health to warn of this disease.

This gallery houses, like Aqualung and Divinities: Twelve Dances With God, criticism on how man deals with religion.


  1. Roots To Branches
  2. Rare And Precious Chain
  3. Out Of The Noise
  4. This Free Will
  5. Valley
  6. Dangerous Veils
  7. Beside Myself
  8. Wounded, Old And Treacherous
  9. At Last, Forever
  10. "Stuck In The August Rain
  11. Another Harry's Bar

Line up[Edit]Edit

Guest Musician:

  • Steve Bailey (bass guitar)
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