Sammy Micula (born March 24, 1996) is an Romanian Christian rock musician, singer-songwriter, guitarist, recording artist and music producer. He released his debut song Te Caut in October 14, 2012. His musical genre is a mixture of Rock, Pop and Blues. He considers himself mainly influnced by music from 60's and 70's. He started playing guitar at age of 14 being inspired by the music he listened at that time, mainly Blues and Rock music.

Guitar playing styleEdit

He has described his style as a mix of rock, blues, jazz, fusion, and soul music. He utilizes a heavy amount of legato and sweeping in his playing. His main influence were Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Mayer, Richie Kotzen ,Eric Clapton and many other jazz/fusion players.

Instruments and equipmentEdit

Micula has used Fender telecaster electric guitars for most of his career, most notably Telecasters and Stratocasters, as well as other custom made models.

He used Ibanez guitars and Laney amplifiers before switching to Fender guitars and Marshall. He used Marshall Super Lead, JCM800 and JCM900 models as well as Yamaha DG Series amps. Yamaha DG1000 preamp with Marshall EL34 100/100 poweramp, and Yamaha DG130H, Yamaha DG100 combo etc.

He prefers not to use many pedals (effects in general) when playing live. However, he has been using several versions of Sobbat Drivebraker and Glowvibe pedals on top of Marshall amps when not playing with the Cornford. He also uses reverb and delay effects as Zoom G2R effects processor, which is connected in the effects loop of the amplifier.

Discography Edit

Singles Edit

(2012) Te Caut

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