Sato (often typeset as SATO) were an American heavy metal cult band from Burien, Washington active from 1982 to 1986.



The band was first formed in 1982 by vocalist Jeff Hurd, guitarists Terry Hildebrand and Doug Stokley, bassist Mike Starr, and drummer Darren Garrett. They took their name from the song "S.A.T.O." off Ozzy Osbourne's second solo album, Diary of a Madman. Eventually, Stokley and Garrett left and were subsequently replaced by Ken Kramer and Dave Jensen, who previously played in a band called Cyprus with Mike Starr. After several rehearsals and a handful of shows, the band entered Triad Studios and began recording a handful of songs, one of which, "Leather Warrior", would appear on the compilation album, Northwest Metalfest.[1] Despite being contacted by Atlantic and Black Dragon Records, the band ultimately fell short of releasing a proper studio album and called it quits in 1986.


Mike Starr went on to find mainstream success playing bass in Alice in Chains, which he co-founded in 1987. He recorded two albums and one EP with Alice in Chains before his departure in 1993. Starr briefly reappeared in the limelight with the band Sun Red Sun, recording a handful of tracks on their self-titled debut album and making an appearance in their music video "Hard Life". Sadly, Starr passed away in 2011 after a lifelong battle with drug addiction.

In 2017, a 500-copy limited edition CD+DVD deluxe package entitled Leather Warriors: Sato Anthology 82/86 was put together by the surviving members of Sato and their production team and released through Lost Realm Records in memory of Starr. Two years later, the label also put out a 250-copy limited vinyl edition entitled Leather Warriors. In 2020, the band announced through their Facebook page that Jeff Hurd died from cancer.


Original members

  • Jeff Hurd - vocals
  • Terry Hildebrand - guitar
  • Doug Stokley - guitar
  • Mike Starr - bass
  • Darren Garrett - drums

Later members

  • Ken Kramer - guitar
  • Dave Jensen - drums



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