Singing Knives Records is a Sheffield based independent record label. It was established in 2005 by Fiona Kennedy and Jon Marshall of the band The Hunter Gracchus.


Singing Knives has been described as ‘a rallying point for musicians with a similar commitment to what they see as a radical tradition of Northern English folk art’ in The Wire magazine. Releases include albums by Northern English acts such as Chora, The Whole Voyald, Stephanie Hladowski and Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides and also European acts such as Shiggajon, Alberorovesciato and Pekko Kappi. The majority of the music released on Singing Knives is predominantly improvised but in a manner resolutely outside of any academic, institutionalised, gentrified or idiomatic schools.


Singing at the Moon is a compilation CD with tracks from some of the musicians that have played at Singing Knives gigs in Sheffield. Thoughts From Screeching Lake is the second compilation CD on Singing Knives with more of an emphasis on European musicians.

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