Artist: Audible

Date Released: January 25, 2005

Label: Polyvinyl

Produced By:


  1. October Song
  2. Sky Signal
  3. From the Third Floor
  4. Sunday Bell
  5. We Were Wrong
  6. Five Pirates
  7. Chase the Kids Away
  8. Motorcycle
  9. Sound Makes a Circle
  10. Finally Found


The latest addition to Polyviny's ever-growing roster, Philadelphia’s Audible, fit in perfectly with their Brian Eno-ish layering and pop sensibility. Though started before Mike Kennedy and Jim Kehoe joined Matt Pond PA, the Audible side project was set aside until recently. With more experience and a solid label backing, the band has been able to debut with a well-produced album. The record is built around the solid song-writing and off-kilter pop harmonies that have graced other like-minded bands like Aloha and Volcano, I’m Still Excited!! The songs are catchy as they are complicated and projected with patience and skill. It hardly sounds like a debut from a young band, but if it wasn’t all of this, then it wouldn’t be on Polyvinyl. Mpardaiolo