Solita cover
official cover artwork
{{{Type}}} by Ozuna Featuring Bad Bunny, Wisin and Almighty
Released January 19, 2018
Recorded 2016–2017
Genre Latin Trap
Length 5:11
Label Hear This Music
Producer DJ Luian, Mambo Kingz
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La Modelo (with Cardi B)
Solita El Farsante
(with Romeo Santos)
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Solita (spanish for alone) is a song by Puerto Rican latin singer Ozuna featuring Puerto Rican singers and rappers Bad Bunny, Wisin and Almighty. The sond was produced by DJ Luian and Mambo Kingz.


Solita is the second Ozuna single release in 2018. The music production already began in 2016 and was scheduled to be released in September or October 2016. This song was planned as release for Farruko featuring vocals of Ozuna, Almighty and Bryant Myers. A 13 seconds preview was shown on YouTube which is still available.[1] A cover artwork for this was shown in September 2016[2] but the song was never released. Controversies has it when Farruko and later Bryant Myers were removed during production process, followed by Wisin and then Bad Bunny. Due to this DJ Luian has been asked by a fan and answered as following:

“El Empezó a tirar y no terminó, por eso no sale. Farruko no es mi amigo, es mi hermano y mucho antes que muchos”[3]
"He started throwing and did not finish, so he do not appear. Farruko ist not my friend, he is my brother since a long time"
Bryant Myers still appeared when Wisin and Bad Bunny became part of the produciton and was scheduled to become the main artist after Farruko left. Myers also left and so Ozuna finally was the main artist.

On January 21, 2018, the YouTube channel TrapNewsTV released a short video where the version with Bryant Myers was played.[4]

Cover artworkEdit

since 2016, there exist a number of different cover artworks for Solita including the old personnels. The official cover shows the four vocalists in cartoon design on turquoise background.


Country Peak
Flag of Bolivia Bolivia 9[5]
Flag of the Dominican Republic Dominican Republic (Audiencia) 4[6]
Flag of Honduras Honduras 10[7]
Flag of Nicaragua Nicaragua 10[8]
Flag of Spain Spain 20[9]

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