Artist: Greater California

Date Released: October 4, 2004

Label: Earthling

Produced By:


  1. The Appearing
  2. Missing Summer
  3. Looking In
  4. May Day
  5. Jersey Thursday
  6. In Scarlet
  7. Patterns
  8. Reappearing
  9. Portuguese Hall
  10. Somber Wurlitzer


Keeping close to the mood of the artwork, Long Beach’s Greater California expresses melancholy pop music that is heavily influenced by a lot of the psychedelic pop of the 60s and 70s. The aptly titled sophomore album is built around their newly acquired Wurlitzer electric piano and the warm, somber tones it produces. The album is very well written musically and lyrically, but seems to be just missing the mark. The songs on Somber Wurlitzer are developed, but could definitely use some more fleshing out and experimentation within them. Though it already took a year to create, I think that with a little more progression this could have been an amazing album. Nonetheless it is still very solid and a good listen for fans of melancholy pop. Mpardaiolo