Some Product: Carri on Sex Pistols is an interview album featuring members of the Sex Pistols. The interviews are mostly presented in a collage style.

The artwork was done by artist Jamie Reid and the album peaked at #6 in the UK album charts.

The title melds the British comedy series of Carry On films with a pun on the word carrion.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks are spoken word collages put together by John Varnom from various interviews and radio ads. Additional material includes a snippet from Tubular Bells.

Tracks are:[2][3]

  1. "The Very Name 'Sex Pistols'" (various artists) – 5:27
  2. "From Beyond the Grave" (Sid Vicious) – 8:27
  3. "Big Tits Across America" (Paul Cook and Steve Jones from US radio broadcast) – 11:19
  4. "The Complex World of John Rotten" (Johnny Rotten, features interview snippets with John Lydon's Mother) – 8:18
  5. "Sex Pistols Will Play" (Paul Cook and Steve Jones) – 3:21
  6. "Is the Queen a Moron?" (Sex Pistols interview regarding 'God Save the Queen' lyrics) – 3:55
  7. "The Fucking Rotter" (Sex Pistols) – 0:41 (This is an edited version of the infamous Bill Grundy interview.)
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