Artist: Headset

Date Released: June 29, 2004

Label: Plug Research

Produced By:


  1. Then Again feat. Non-Genetic
  2. Back Before feat. Non-Genetic
  3. Outward Sound
  4. Grasping Claw (The Beginning)
  5. Grasping Claw feat. Lady Dragon
  6. Dunno
  7. Jaw Modulation feat. Beans
  8. Breath Contrails feat. Subtitle
  9. Previously Smooth Sophistication
  10. Sound of a Squint


Plug Research founder and producer, Allen Avanessian, has teamed up with last year’s fan-favorite producer, Jimmy Tamborello (The Postal Service, Dntel, Figurine), for a jazzy, down tempo, forward-thinking hip-hop album. The beats remind me of a minimalist Push Button Objects or I could even venture to say a more hip-hopish Postal Service. The glitchy electronica tid-bits that were so prominent on Give Up remain present on this album, simply cooler, so they make your head nod, instead of nodding off. Vocals are provided by an eclectic blend of MCs including Non-Genetic of The Shadow Huntez (#1,2), Japanese female-rapper Lady Dragon (#5), Beans of Anti-pop Consortium (#7), and the eerie and observational Gold Standard Labs MC, Subtitle (#8). An overall interesting album that will fail to please Postal Service fans, but could find an audience of Plug Research fans. Mpardaiolo