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Spin the World is the only full-length album released by the American heavy metal band Mistrust. It was originally released in 1986 through C.O.M.A. Records and later again on CD through Heart of Steel Records in 2009 with two bonus tracks.[1] In October 2021, N.W. Metalworx co-owner James R. Beach announced on Facebook that his label will be releasing an expanded reissue of Spin the World, featuring three unreleased songs from 1987, in 2022.[2]


The fourth track, "Loaded Gun", is very similar to the 1988 hit song "18 and Life" by Skid Row as it also describes a young man incarcerated for killing his friend with a gun that he mistakenly thought was unloaded; the major difference being that "Loaded Gun" is sung from a first-person perspective.

The sixth track, "Running for My Life", which appeared on the compilation album, Pacific Metal Project a year before the release of this album, making it the band's debut song, begins with the added sound effects of a car crashing before the dual guitars of Michael Winston and Owen Wright help add to the tension as vocalist Jeff L'Heureux sings from a first-person perspective about a man on the run from a mysterious adversary.

Track listing[]

No. Title Length
1. "Lightning and Thunder"   4:11
2. "Spin the World"   4:13
3. "C'mon"   2:47
4. "Loaded Gun"   4:52
5. "(Yes) It's True"   3:41
6. "Running for My Life"   2:38
7. "Love Me Overtime"   2:45
8. "It's Alright"   3:18
9. "March in E Minor"   3:42


  • Monty Smith — original producer
  • Jeff Gilbert — original executive producer
  • Primo Bonali, Fabrizio Vai and Mirko Galliazo - CD-reissue executive producers
  • Mistrust and Monty Smith — mixer
  • Paolo Siconolfi — remastering
  • Lynn Debon — photography
  • Lynn Sellick — design
  • Primo Bonalie - artwork


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