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Spizzenergi, also known as Athletico Spizz 80 Spizzoil and, was a British punk and new wave band from Birmingham. Their most famous song was where's Captain Kirk? , released in 1980.

Frontman was Kenneth Spiers, known as schoolliep in Solihull and Spizz, who under the influence of punk rock in 1977 started to make music themselves. With Peter O'Dowd aka Pete Petrol and Paloma Romero alias drummer Palmolive, then of The Slits, he gave a few concerts under the name Spizzoil. They played under other Act for Siouxsie and the Banshees, initially in England and later in the rest of Europe. From August to november 1979 was the singer and guitaristSpizz, Mark played the keyboardCoalfield, Dave Scott was an extra guitarist, drummer and bassist Jim Solar Hero Shima. So they were in January 1980, under the name Spizzenergi, the first band in the newly created UK Indie Chart that reached number one. John Peel described "where's Captain Kirk?" as the best song with Star Trek connections.

Under the name Athletico Spizz they gave five sold-out concerts in the Marquee Club and they released the album Do a Runner out, that mixed reactions. Lu Edmonds joined the Group In 1981 and has changed their name in to The Spizzles. Under that name they released the plate Spikey Dream Flower out, in a science-fiction style that was typical of the new wave . By 1982, however, the flow was quenched; the two last songs of that period were ' Megacity III ' and ' Jungle Fever '.

Spizz modified its group name nearly every year, and aimed it in the Guinness Book of Records as the band that most songs had taken up under a different name. The competent Editor, Shelagh Thomas, however, because of the recording to be ' specialized '. After the break-up of The Spizzles Spizz was every now and then the guitarist for Heaven 17. In 1987, ' where's Captain Kirk ' reissued again in a dance version , and it was also covered by r.e.m. in 1992. When Spizz in 1991 had a daughter, he put his artistic career at a lower level.

Spizz gives live performances to date; three times he tried the official number for England in the World Cup to win, and he also has songs released on Cherry Red Records , as well as on his own label 442ok.


[hide]*1 discography



  • 1980 Do a Runner (as Athletico Spizz)
  • 1981 Spikey Dream Flower (as Spizzles)
  • 1983 Spizz History
  • 1987 The Peel Sessions
  • 1994 Unhinged
  • 1996 Spizz Not Dead Shock: A Decade of Spizz History 1978-88
  • 2002 where's Captain Kirk


Band Name/Release Date A-side B side Tag Catalogue Number
Spizzoil: October 1978 "6000 Crazy" "1989"/"Fibre" Rough Trade RTSO1
Spizzoil: december 1978 "Cold City" "Red And Black"/"Solarisation"/"Platform 3" Rough Trade RTSO2
Spizzenergi: september 1979 "Soldier, Soldier" "Virginia Plain" Rough Trade RTSO3
Spizzenergi: december 1979 "Where's Captain Kirk" "Amnesia" Rough Trade RTSO4
Athletico Spizz 80: June 1980 "No Room" "Spock's Missing" Rough Trade RTS05
Athletico Spizz 80: July 1980 "Hot Deserts" "Legal Proceedings" A & M AMS7550
Athletico Spizz 80: October 1980 "Central Park" "Central Park" (Dr. & Nurses dub version) A & M AMS7566
Spizzles: February 1981 "Risk" "Melancholy" A & M AMS8107
Spizzles: april 1981 "Dangers of Living" "Scared" A & M AMS8124
Spizzenergi 2: February 1982 "Work" "Megacity III" Rough Trade RT096
Spizzenergi 2: June 1982 "Jungle Fever" "Meaning" Rough Trade RT108
Spizz: september 1987 "Where's Captain Kirk?" "Living Is Better With Freedom" Hobo Railway HOBO001
Spizz: november 1988 "Love Me Like A Rocket" Plastic Head PLASPOP2