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Mu'az, better known as Starscixn (pronounced Starscion), is a Malaysian songwriter, producer and rapper. Critics and fans often credit him for his musical versatility, with his music exploring trap music, heavy Metal and Lo-fi. He is considered as a leading figure in the SoundCloud and Hiphop genres which gathered mainstream attention in mid-late 2021.


Mu'az was born in August 31, 2006 Chemor, Malaysia, in 2022 Muaz is (16 years old). He is a Malaysian Songwriter, Producer, Singer and Rapper. Muaz grew up just like normal child, Have 5 brothers and no sister yet. He start his career on YouTube on (mid late 2019, 13 years old) start uploading gaming content like "Mobile Legends, Dota 2, League of legends" inspired by MOBA and FPS games. He start his career on music on 1 October 2021, He using FL Studio Software to make his beat and he start released his own music on 8 November 2021 samples song by " Butterfly Boucher ", After he released 3 song that he made he start uploading "Type Beat Music" for singer/rapper and available on BeatStars. He dreams want to become a greatest rapper and producer all the time. His song inspired by XXXTentacion, Scarlxrd, Ski Mask The Slump God and all of Hip-hop artist.

Behind the names[]

"Stars" means every single day he always gaze at the star. He will be sad and cries if he didn't do so. The name, "Cion" comes from the name XXXTentacion, one of his favourite musicians. He replaced the "o" with "x" as his second favourite musician was Scarlxrd. The "Star" in "Starizz" stands for "Starscixn", while "izz" comes from the name of his girlfriend.


2019-2021: Youtuber days[]

Before he started a career in music, Muaz began uploading videos on YouTube as Stars YT. He's a gamer that who playing "Mobile Legends" for 3 years (Late 2019 - 2021) and he started uploading videos on January 2021.

It's called "Auto Surrender Enemy | MLBB" He YouTube teach tips and tricks and how to play "Mobile Legends". 1 video's of Stars YT has reach 3K views it's called "BUG ! HOW TO HIDE HISTORY IN ORIGINAL SERVER 2021 !! 100% WORK!! | MLBB". Muaz removed all of his Stars YT video's from his YouTube channel and has since rebranded it to his Starscixn.

2021-present: Musical career[]

On 8 November 2021, Starscixn released his first song "SuicideTrip" and 5 more song via his old indepent label "Starscixn", and new label is "Starizz Record". On 3 December he remixed "Tell me why I'm waiting" by Shiloh Dynasty. On 22 December he released his first EP "Alone". On 30 December he released first song that he sang "Forget (Interlude)". Later that he was featured on "Happy" by TwoPlusMusic. 8 of his song are instrumentals, 2 remixed "Tell me why I'm waiting" by Shiloh Dynasty and "Loneliness" by Naruto and 3 of his song that he sang it "Forget (Interlude)", "Fake", "Why".


Studio albums[]

  • Unknown. (2022)[1]

Extended plays[]

  • Alone (2021)


  • "SuicideTrip" (2021)
  • "Looking for a Star" (2021)
  • "Dreaming" (2021)
  • "GoodBye" (2021)
  • "Weather" (2021)
  • "Tell me why I'm waiting (Remix)" (2021)
  • "X" (2021)
  • "Night" (2021)
  • "Happy" (2021) (featuring TwoPlusMusic)
  • "2021" (2021)
  • "Forget (Interlude)" (2022)
  • "Fake" (2022)
  • "Why" (2022)
  • "Poacher's Pride Ft. Nicole Dollanganger" (2022)