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Starset, is an American new, hard rock band that made their debut in 2013 and immediately became very popular and with the help of hi XM Octane, their hit single, "My Demons" has been listed number two on the "Big Uns" countdown for about a month straight.

On April 30, 2014, Starset announced that their debut album, "Transmissions" would release on July 8, 2014 and contain their single "My Demons" as well as other songs such as "Halo".


Starset's goal is to "Deliver information about the future though transmissions which is done by music". Rather than just playing music, the band has set up a whole universe (Known as the Starset Society) and a whole program in which fans can follow and gain access to new music and information about their mission.

Live Events Edit

Starset refers their concerts as "Live Demonstrations" and new information and transmissions can be gained by attending such concerts. Recently, Starset went on tour with Devour the Day and Gemini Syndrome and will headline their own show once the album drops this Summer.

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