Stoner Rock  is a musical movement that originated in the late 1980s, early 1990s. The Palm Desert Scene is known for the stoner sound.


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Stoner rock is a coarse kind of rock-hard rock/metal music based on from the 1970s bands such as Black Sabbath. The genre is characterized by detuned guitars (often in C-D-D-mood, mood or drop) that play a deep-seated slow groove . It is apparent to the slow, heavy, immersive sound. The first and most important founders of the flow include the underground Monster Magnet and Kyuss. The lead singer of the band Kyuss (John Garcia) indicated that he the bands Buffalo Leaf Hound and sees as stonerrockpioniers.

Stoner rock must have it by the heavy guitar riffs that rhythmically compelling character. The rhythm plays a very big role in Stoner rock, and with it his bass guitar and drums also very important. Much has changed in this genre between hard and soft. The verses and sometimes very long intermediate pieces are usually quiet in terms of design and use a lot of bass and guitar strumming. On the other hand, the refrains are very heavy and slow, and have a large head bang-content. Also noteworthy is the interplay of just bass and drum during the verses, often without (much) guitars. Muted guitar riffs are also a feature of Stoner rock, but unlike the punk (rock) are not just chords or single notes muted, but quite a long riff patterns, often called simply the chorus riff.



See Palm Desert Scene for the main article on this topic.

The following bands are often called as stonerrockbands but are not. They generally have a relationship with this music flow.

Netherlands and Belgium[Edit]Edit

Stoner rock is also in Netherlands and Belgium picked up and knew, especially in the late 1990s, an active scene which is mainly concentrated around Eindhoven and Brabant.

Famous names include:

The flow was by Josh Homme (KyussQueens of the Stone Age) and Dave Wyndorf (Monster Magnet) declared dead in 2002. However, there are still many Stoner rock exists and that the genre still has many lovers.


Despite the death statement by above big names, the stonerrockstroming still lives, as evidenced by the ever-increasing popularity of the Roadburncommunity. Roadburn is a webzine about all Stoner rock-related music. Below are also usually currents as doom metal and post rock loud supported. Roadburn also organises annually the Roadburn Festival. Previous editions took place in the Effenaar in Eindhoven. In 2005, over 1,000 people visited the 10th edition of this festival in the 013 in Tilburg. In 2010 this number was already grown up to 1600 people.

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