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Supergrass was a British alternative-rock band from Oxford. The band consisted of singer/guitarist Gaz Coombes, keyboard player Rob Coombes, bassist Mickey Quinn and drummer Danny Goffey. The sound of the band was audibly influenced by bands like The Jam and The Buzzcocks, but also Madness and Slade. On april 12, 2010 the Group announced that they broke up. Musical and creative differences were the cause of the rupture. There were 4 farewell concerts. The final concert took place on June 11, 2010 in Paris.


Gaz Coombes and Danny Goffey start at an early age in The Jennifers with which they have a single in 1992 and played in Amsterdam. After the break-up of this band, they'll continue with Mickey Quinn under the name Supergrass.

In the summer of 1994, the debut single " Caught By The Fuzz; It's about Coombes ' collision with the police for drug possession. Follow Mansize Rooster early 1995 andLenny, and in May of the Britpop years appears the praised debut album I Should Coco. The third single is Alright , thanks in part to a funny video clip, a big summer hit.

Supergrass gets discounts for commercials and is referred to by Steven Spielberg asked for a television series The Monkees a la ; These are all driven off because they have nothing to do with music.

Hence, the 1997 second album In It For The Money is called. The reviews are positive again and it delivers singles as Richard IIISun Hits The Sky and Late In The Day, but the success of Alright is no longer matched, although In It For The Money still Platinum in England,

In 1999 appears the self-titled third album with the singles " Pumping On Your Stereo (with a Muppet-like clip) and Moving. Then, Life On Other Planets (2002), Road To Rouen (2005) and Diamond Hoo Ha (2008). The contract with EMI is now ended and from now on will be new Cds on its own label Supergrass appear.


  • I Should Coco (1995)
  • In It For The Money (1997)
  • Supergrass (1999)
  • Life On Other Planets (2002)
  • Supergrass Is 10 (2004), compilation album
  • Road To Rouen (2005)
  • Diamond Hoo Ha (2008)