Artist: R. B. Greaves

Album: R. B. Greaves

Appears On (Mixes): Revme.Vox.Com

Song Notes: It's funny, because I've only had this a day, and I'm already thinking of tweaking it from a straight mp3 blog to just a Standard Media Blog where I rant about movies and whatnot as well, too. But my (current, at least) plan is to upload one mp3 per day, and write about it and all that good stuff. So anyway, here is today's mp3, which is NUMBER TWO!

This is one of my favorite pop-soul singles; it was R. B. Greaves' only hit record (though his cover of "Always Something There To Remind Me" apparently did somewhat decently at the time). This is from his first record, called R. B. Greaves (as opposed to his second record, which was called R. B. Greaves). I actually don't have R. B. Greaves (nor R. B. Greaves for that matter), but I've grown up with this song playing relatively frequently on the local oldies radio station. It's such a good cut. I did a little bit of research before uploading this, but could find basically SQUAT about him. He's apparently Sam Cooke's nephew, and he wrote this song, and after a couple records, basically seems to have disappeared and ended up being forgotten by the world at large, which is really sad. I need to pick up his records, because if his other stuff is as good as this song, MAN, dude's awesome. Hell, dude's awesome anyway even if all his other stuff is absolutely horrible—this song absolves him of all potential musical sins. So check it out. Listen to it. Download it via the RSS feed (or, if you figured out another way to download stuff, let me know—either in the comments or whatnot, I'm curious). - Rev. Syung Myung Me