Founded: 1974-1991

Headquarters: New York, NY

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The band formed as a trio (minus Jerry Harrison) in 1974, and got a following. They were heavily involved in the mid-1970s CBGBs scene, and originally classified as a Punk band, despite not having much in common with other punk bands of the day, like The Ramones (who they toured with). When New Wave came along, they tended to fit into that particular label a bit better, but still not exact. By that time, they'd finished their experimental stage with Brian Eno at the production helm, and they were experimenting with funk and World Music influences. After making a film, True Stories, directed and written by David Byrne, they put out one other record, and then broke up; David Byrne informed the other members by fax. As a note of trivia, Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz's side project, Tom Tom Club had better chart success than Talking Heads ever did.




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