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TyShawn Brown, also known as rapper Tank Huncho was born in Ohio, United States. Ty, born March 9, 1999, is 21 years old.

Artist Background[]

Tank Huncho is a Ohio-based rapper who started in Early 2019. Tank released his first track, American Idol, on YouTube in April 2019 and since then started to grow more with his music. As of 26/01/20, his most popular song is Mr.Sandman which was released on all platforms, on Sep 26, 2019. He released his debut EP, 'Letter to Huncho' on all platforms on November 28, 2019. Tank has his first tape in the works, Black Hearted. 

Personal life[]

Tank has one cousin, Neez. Both are currently working on an upcoming tape, Plugg Cousins.

Music History[]

Tank is part of the group, CorpseParty, founded by artist FINLINCE!. He is the 2nd member that joined the group. There is currently 6 members in the group as of, 28/01/2020. Tank's cousin, Neez Santana, is an artist working with Tank aswell. Tank has frequently been on the Paychecks YouTube Channel for his work. Tank released his first music video, There You Go, Directed by SnapGod on, January 26, 2020.