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Originating Location: Detroit, MI

Originating Era: 1980s

Key Artists[]

  • Juan Atkins
  • Derrick May
  • Kevin Saunderson
  • John Acquaviva
  • Blake Baxter
  • Carl Craig
  • Brett Dancer
  • Drexciya
  • Mike Banks
  • Richie Hawtin
  • Kenny Larkin
  • Jeff Mills
  • Terrance Parker
  • Alan Oldham
  • James Pennington
  • Stacey Pullen
  • Moodymann
  • Theo Parrish
  • Kraftwerk

Key Albums[]

Genre Description[]

An electronic form of music that originated in Detroit that used electronic sounds to create dance music. Techno is a sort of combination between the soul of Funk and the mechanic preciseness of electronica. Often, techno eschews typical song structures, separating it from electropop, building long, repetitive soundscapes -- though not as far in that direction as ambient. House is a big influence, and techno can be seen as a form of house, in fact. There are many different flavors of techno, including Detroit techno, tech house, trance, hardcore techno, gabber, acid techno and IDM, among others.

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