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Infobox Album

For use with {{Infobox Album}}, use this template in a "Misc = " section like this:

{{Infobox Album <!-- See Wikipedia:WikiProject_Albums -->
| Misc        = {{Extra chronology 2
  | Artist      = 
  | Type        = 
  | Last album  = 
  | This album  = 
  | Next album  = 


The Type field refers to the general type of album. Enter a code from the following chart. The type will appear with the appropriate color and wikilink. If the type is unknown, leave the field blank.

Template:Infobox Album/doc/type

Infobox Single

For use with {{Infobox Single}}, use this template in a "Misc = " section like this:

{{Infobox Single <!-- See Wikipedia:WikiProject_Songs -->
| Misc           = {{Extra chronology 2
  | Artist      = 
  | Type        = single
  | Last single = 
  | This single = 
  | Next single = 

Notes: All parameters are optional except This single and Type. If you omit Artist the section caption is not displayed (and instead horizontal lines are used). The Type field is for use with singles (generally you should always pass it as single).

ja:Template:Extra chronology 2

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