Use this template to add a music sample within {{Infobox Song}} or {{Infobox Single}}.

Please think carefully—and test—before changing it, and make sure you explain the change in your edit summary. Any unexplained changes may be reverted.


{{Extra musicsample
| Type           = single
| filename       = The_Beatles_-_Ticket_to_Ride.ogg
| format         = [[Ogg]]
| title          = Ticket to Ride
| artist         = The Beatles
| description    = 
  • Type should be "song" for songs and "single" for singles (without the quotes).
  • filename and format have the same meaning and use as on the {{listen}} template.
  • title is the name of the song.
  • artist is the name of the performer, band, etc.; should probably be omitted in most cases (infoboxes already contain the performer's name); if supplied it can be wikilinked
  • description has the same meaning and use as on the {{listen}} template; should probably be left blank in this context; otherwise, provide a brief description specific to the sample such as the duration.

Note: This template must be wrapped in an infobox; it does not provide the table markup and relies on a table being open when used. See "Ticket to Ride" for an example.

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