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The WB
The WB cover
Single by Wordburglar
Album Burglaritis
Released August 1, 2006
Genre Nerdcore
Length 3:39
Label Hand'Solo Records
Producer(s) Beatmason
Burglaritis singles chronology
"The WB"
"Hat Trick"

The standard infobox for song articles is the {{Infobox song}} template. The box to the right is an example.

The infobox code should be placed at the top of the article.


Most articles should only need the following fields (for the full list of fields see advanced usage). Do not remove fields from this list when the value is unknown; in that case the values should be left blank. Please note that the field names are case-sensitive.

Commonly used code

{{Infobox song
| Name        = 
| Type        = 
| Artist      = 
| Album       = 
| Cover       = <!--just the file name-->
| Released    = 
| Recorded    = 
| Studio      = 
| Genre       = 
| Length      = 
| Label       = 
| Writer      = 
| Producer    = 
| Chronology  = <!--(Artist name) singles-->
| Last song   = 
| This song   = 
| Next song   = 

Advanced usage

{{Infobox song
| Name          = 
| Type          = 
| Artist        = 
| Album         = 
| Language      = <!--Only if not English-->
| English_title = 
| Cover         = <!--just the file name-->
| Cover size    = 
| Caption       = 
| Released      = 
| Recorded      = 
| Studio        = 
| Genre         = 
| Length        = 
| Label         = 
| Writer        = 
| Written       = 
| Composer      =
| Lyricist      =
| Producer      = 
| Chronology    = <!--(Artist name) singles-->
| Last song     = 
| This song     = 
| Next song     = 



The song's title should be specified using text (not a logo), which will be automatically italicized.


The Type field refers to the general type of song, e.g.: "single", "promotional single", "song" etc. The type will appear with the appropriate color. If the type is unknown, leave the field blank.


Specify the artist name who recorded or performed the song. If no artist recorded or performed the song, leave the field blank.


Specify the album name in which the song comes from. If the song doesn't come from any album, leave the field blank.


Specify the language name only if the song is not in English.

English title

An English translation of the song title, only if the title is not in English.


An image of the official front cover of the original version of the album the song appeared on (or a reissue, if no original cover can be found) should be included at Cover. Album cover artwork may be scanned, or downloaded from another site such as AllMusic or Note that whether you scan one yourself or copy it from another site, when uploading an image, you must tag it properly and follow fair use guidelines. If you cannot find a cover image, just leave this field blank.

  • Upload a copy of the album cover (under fair use). The image should ideally be 200px wide as this is the default display size. However, it should be under 300px wide to satisfy the fair use criteria.
  • On the image description page, use the {{Non-free album cover}} image copyright tag. Selecting "Album or single cover" from the pulldown list on the image upload page will accomplish this.
  • Add detailed fair use rationale for each use of the image. For example of good rationale see Image:As Nasty As They Wanna Be cover.jpg. You can also use the {{Album cover article rationale}} template (see the usage guide for an explanation on how to use it) or the {{Album cover fur}} template.
  • Fill the template's Cover field with the name of your file (the full image syntax is not required here – just the file name with the extension).

Cover size

This field should be used if the image being used is less than 200px (and you cannot locate a larger image). Fill in this field with the width of the image, using only a numeric value (i.e. "150", not "150px"). If set to "0", this hides the cover image, whether one is specified in "Cover" or the default cover image is used.


If the album has been issued with different front covers, which version the image refers to should be noted here.


Indicate the song's release date. If the song was released as a single, please indicate the single's release date, NOT the original date that the song appears from an album. If the exact date is unknown, at least indicate the year that the song released.


Enter the date(s) the song was recorded. For details that where the song was recorded, use "Studio" parameter instead.


Enter the location where the song was recorded.


The field should include the music genre(s) that best describes the song.


Enter the length or duration of the song in hours (if applicable), minutes and seconds by using a colon to separate them, such as 2:58. Do not use "2 minutes 58 seconds", 3' 58" etc.


The name of the record company that issued the release may be included here.


Enter the songwriter name(s) who written the song.


Enter the date the song was written.


Enter the songwriter name(s) who composed the song.


For songs that were originally composed without lyrics and they were added later, enter the name(s) who added the lyrics.


Enter the producer name(s) who produced or composed the song.


The chronology section should link to the previous song on the left (using the Last song field) and the next song on the right (using the Next song field). The current song should be in the middle (using the This song field).

The current song should always be in boldface. All song titles should be italicized. Cover images should not be included in the chronology, as that would not be fair use. For the first song on an album the left box should be left blank. For the last song on an album the right box should be left blank. At least one of the two fields, previous or next, must have a value filled in, for the chronology to display.

No more than one song should be included in any of the three slots in the chronology. Additional chronologies may be used if necessary (see below).