'The bends ', the second album, where the band Radiohead-unlike the previous plate Pablo Honey a distinctive sound, a sound which the band also called is portrayed as the new Pink Floyd. The album was at outcome a small milestone, and leading up to the widely acclaimed OK Computer. In addition, they proved with this album that they had in their March more than the hit "Creep" (a song that the band is now also sat and few more plays during live concerts).


All songs written by Radiohead.

  1. Planet Telex
  2. The Bends
  3. High and Dry
  4. Fake Plastic Trees
  5. Bones
  6. Nice Dream
  7. Just
  8. My Iron Lung
  9. Bulletproof..I Wish I Was
  10. Black Star
  11. Sulk
  12. Street Spirit (Fade Out)
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